Spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in your resume or covering letter.

Referring to the position incorrectly

A common issue when you reuse the same covering letter over and over!

Impersonal covering letters

This shows little care or attention to detail in submitting your application.

Lack of dates

Within your employment history raises a red flag to potential employers.

Poor job stability

If you have left jobs with legitimate reasons you should include the reasons for leaving within your resume.

Poor formatting

Poor formatting in your resume indicates poor computer skills.

Missing contact details

Failure to include contact details such as phone number, email address.

Old resume

An out of date resume is going to get put immediately in the 'no' file. Update your resume regularly.


Long unexplained periods of no work history or studies.

Disorganised resumes

Different fonts, type sizes and colours, too many images making a cluttered and messy resume.

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Not getting past an interview?

If you are succeeding in getting interviews but not progressing past that point, here are the main things you may be doing wrong:

1. Dressing inappropriately for your interview.

Make sure you research the company before your interview and dress appropriately. If in doubt, dress up not down as it is better to be over-dressed than underdressed! You can never go wrong in a suit. Avoid jeans, singlets, jandals. Ensure your hair is tidy and your makeup is appropriate for the environment you are entering.

2. Showing a lack of passion or desire for the role.

One of the biggest reasons people don't get the job is they fail to show interest and excitement for the role. Companies hire on attitude and train for skill so are you showing that you WANT the job?

3. Failing to demonstrate a commitment to the role for a long term period

This doesn't mean you will sign your life away, but employers want to see that you can commit to at least 12 months and that your future ambitions align with the company direction.

4. Demonstrating poor communication skills during the interview

We know that interviews are scary and employers expect you to be nervous, but it is important to maintain eye contact, smile and engage with the people who are interviewing you.

5. Bad mouthing your previous employer

If there is one thing you should never ever EVER do, is speak badly of your current employer. Find a diplomatic way to explain why you are leaving your current employer if it is due to a personality clash or disagreements with colleagues.

6. Arriving late for your interview

Prepare the night before so you know where you are going and how you are going to get there. There is no excuse for turning up late. This just screams poor organisational skills and poor time management skills!

7. A weak handshake

Within the first 3 seconds of your interview, impressions are being made of you and your handshake will paint a picture of your confidence and drive. Never undervalue a firm handshake whilst maintaining eye contact!